About us

Creative studio White Studio and ceramics gallery Workshop were established in 2013. The creative team consists of young professional ceramists and artists.

The White Studio is offering Georgians and foreigners high quality modern works of ceramics with traditional Georgian elements. The works are created through world-renowned technologies and trends of Georgian china, finesse and red clay

The Studio tries to promote creative potential of modern ceramics as one of the most popular branches of art, to refine artistic level of traditional and modern ceramic works and to improve the quality of Georgian souvenirs.

The White Studio finds it very important to trigger interest of younger generation in the ceramic art, which will support the development of this branch in the country and the popularization of Georgian art and culture abroad

Creative Group: Robert Tighinashvili, Nukri Gladki, Merab Gugunashvili, Nana Mangoshvili, Nato Koiava, Nana Uertashvili

Founders of the studio are: Nato Eristavi and Nino Kambarashvili

WORKSHOP - The first center of ceramics in Georgia.

The center unites a gallery, a creative studio and a store of materials and equipment needed for creating pieces of ceramics. The Workshop offers training courses for non-professionals.


Each piece presented at the gallery is exclusive and does not repeat. All works are charged with special and positive energy, warmth and love. Wide range of prices on items at the gallery makes it possible for anyone willing to buy a ceramics piece, select exclusive work for the price affordable for him/her.


Visitors of the studio have the opportunity to attend the working process, participate in the painting of ready items; also, take the master class of working on clay and generally enjoy the interesting creative process.

Shop: Ref-San Georgia


Official representative of the Turkish entrepreneur in Georgia and Armenia. The first distribution store of high quality materials and equipment of ceramics and glass in Georgia. Orders are accepted for the equipment of any factory, small enterprise or studio.


22/26, Simon Janashia str.,

Tbilisi, Georgia

(+995) 595 011 770

(+995) 599 919 893


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Instagram : workshop_ceramic_gallery